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Fall down seven times and stand up EIGHT.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach


I had been attending a local slimming group for some time, initially with some good success, but regular weight loss dwindled. I was not in a positive mindset and fed up of small loses followed by gains. I seemed to be getting nowhere fast!

When I saw Jess’s advert to help with weight loss, I thought I’d give it a shot and have not looked back since. Together we have tackled issues beyond my expectations, resulting in my now feeling in control of my eating and drinking habits. With her help, I managed my Christmas far better than I would have otherwise and I am steadily losing weight once gain with consistently bigger loses than before.

I am still attending my slimming group, because I like the weekly support to keep me on track, but I thank Jess for empowering me with tools I can use to remain in control long term. I am already experiencing many health benefits and increased energy levels, which spurs me on to continue on my journey. I still have a long way to go, but knowing Jess is there if I need a top up appointment gives me peace of mind in keeping strong. It feels fantastic to be proud of myself!

Anonymous, from Knowle
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