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Is your business neglecting the one area that can have the biggest impact on performance? Stop, think and get a Head Start!

A business psychologist? I don’t have mental health issues, what do I need a psychologist for?

You invest in the best software, in recruiting the best talent, in getting the best suppliers and improving operations. You probably have maintenance on your equipment, computers, software updates, always making sure that is running to the best it can.

Why not invest in your head?

After all it’s what makes the decisions, it is the part that communicates, that leads your people, that is responsible for the bottom line. If you made sure your head was working at its optimum then it has a positive knock on effect on the business, not to mention your level of well being. Well being is not about happy clappy stuff, it is having the ability to enjoy your success,  dealing with stress in a helpful way, having a greater sense of control, responding to challenges in a more helpful way, a sense of satisfaction, of contentment, that’s not to say you don’t want to aim higher and be better but you do it whilst enjoying where you are too. Happier people are more productive and that includes you, yes, leaders are allowed to be happy too. You can use your head to drive you or push you, or to switch you off when you need downtime (Do you even know what downtime is?).  You can develop your communication and emotional intelligence skills, perhaps you need to improve your empathy, or perhaps you are overly concerned of others perception of you. regardless what it is, this is all in your head and your head is the most precious thing that belongs to you and that is under your control.

It is not people whose head is broken that have a psychologist, it is for people who don’t want their head to break and want it running to the best of its ability. Psychologists are not just men in white coats, in fact most of those are psychiatrists.

Use your head then pick up the phone and arrange a meeting. Your head and body and business will thank you

Perhaps your business offers a phone number of a counsellor as part of a health care scheme? Perhaps you encourage employees to take a break at lunch time instead of sitting at their desks? Perhaps your managers do regular check ins with the staff for performance assessments and 360 degree feedback? Perhaps you encourage physical activity or even the practice of mindfulness? These are all good things and all can and will have a positive impact, but what advice do you follow? Who is there for you at the end of a phone or Zoom?

  • Happier employees
  • Increased motivation workforce
  • Increased employee wellbeing
  • Improved mental heath within the business
  • Increased employee performance
  • Decreased sick days
  • Increased profit and productivity
  • Improved attitudes
  • Improved staff retention
  • Access to an action orientated therapist who understands business and results
  • A safe and accessible point of contact
  • No stigma or label
  • Opportunity to improve and work on themselves
  • Improve performance
  • Deal with issues before they impact work or home life
  • Non judgemental therapist who works with them to get the results that are needed
  • Saves them time off work
  • Reduced sick days
  • Better health
  • Increased enjoyment
  • better mindset and outlook
  • Increased motivation

As a Business Psychologist I am equipped to work with you on your various psychological challenges you face within your business, as a psychotherapist I can also work with any personal challenges you face and lets be honest, if we can clear that up then your work will benefit.

Being successful in business isn’t just about getting the sales and operations running smoothly. Mentally is where much of the success of the business happens.

Depending on what the latest Ted talk the latest buzz words are but it also includes drive, motivation, grit, resilience, confidence, ability to communicate, empathy, energy, communication techniques, listening, management styles, coping techniques, ability to control stress and anxiety, the ability to release control and delegate, sleep, something many people overlook and yet it is so important to our ability to perform and make quality decisions.

Working with leaders who have to be different things for different people and try to please their family, board, management team,  employees and customers. The pressure is immense, the sense that you can’t show weakness, must have your finger on the pulse, your are the glue and the support, the beacon of light. The Captain that steers the ship through stormy waters and whilst keeping the crew calm and performing. That is a difficult job, not just in terms of talent, experience and knowledge but mentally. it is mentally tough and I am the person who looks after and out for your mentality.

When do you get chance to really just be yourself?

Surrounded by people all the time and yet it can be lonely at the top?

Never able to enjoy the success because your always looking what might be coming around the corner or going for the next goal?

Coping with demands from all angles? Family, board, employees, customers, they all want a piece of you and how do you deal with that?

Worried about the future but no one to share it with because you are supposed to be the one reassuring everyone else.

Pressure to be superhuman? Sport or fitness, or perhaps you’ve neglected yourself?

Perhaps you survive on 4 hours sleep a night and think that is plenty because that is what you’ve always done and you’ve survived but what if there is a better way?

Perhaps you have disjointed working relationships with employees?

Perhaps home life is suffering, or work suffers because of a difficult home life?

I work on all these areas with you and so much more.

Whatever it is, call me or fill in the contact form to arrange a coffee and talk through how I could work with you.