Attitude coaching

How often do line managers struggle with people within the business, not because of ability but because of attitude? Now the old adage is that you can teach skills but you can’t teach attitude. I’d agree, but we can COACH attitude, the approach to work, tasks, life in general. People do have barriers to changing their attitude, after all it got them here so it can’t be that bad, and for this reason I offer this session as a double act. If someone is really struggling to move forwards and has a block, then a partner coach can take them off for some 121 time. It does not always result in success but most people when shown that they do have a choice in attitude, the costs or benefits of attitude, the impact on themselves and others, how life and work could change for the better if they were open then we have high engagement. Very few people are happy being miserable, or happy making other miserable.

The group look at ways to impact attitude and to change it for ourselves. A bit of psychology education to show we can choose, how we can influence our own attitude is thrown in for those that like cold hard facts. Those difficult employees who have so much talent or potential yet moan at every opportunity or are stubborn, or immovable or create such bad feeling in the team, (you know the ones when you ask them to change desks, behave as if you’d just asked them to work on a bed of nails) have so much potential if they could only drop their attitude might start to fly. Imagine if you could turn those people around, what would the impact be on your team, business, productivity and feel good factor?

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You can change your future by changing your attitude.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor