Power in the board room, respect within the business, respect amongst your peers, from your team members. The ability to stand tall, push yourself forward and own your decisions with confidence. Clients will be much more aware and be able to determine why they are putting ideas forward, have started new initiatives, changed behaviours, changed processes and justify those changes. With increased clarity, focus and success it is much easier to lead people, move forwards and create change to embrace a positive future. You will find your why and be able to inspire others more readily.

How often does a manager or executive either agree or decide on a course of action but cannot give the reason why, and if they can it is often loose and often because someone said it was a good idea. Not exactly inspirational. Not having supportive evidence or knowledge or explored other options leaves peers and seniors with questions and questions that can’t be answered undermine you. With business coaching you avoid these situations and after a period of time people will take your word for it, comfortable in the knowledge that if asked, could easily supply the why and the logic behind the decisions. Knowing that your choice has been made and be able to demonstrate how your reached conclusions generates power and respect. During the sessions with the coach there will be a trail of how you went from opportunity A to solution B, and why actions XZY are the best course of action.

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You can change your future by changing your attitude.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor