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Fall down seven times and stand up EIGHT.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

My Exceptional, a bit about me

Psychology, business and people, that’s my passion. Put that together and my career makes sense. Constantly working since 13 years old, everything from a post office junior, a retail advisor, window salesman, a play worker, front of house in a nightclub, bar maid, youngest landlady in the country, and all that by the age of 22 years (I’m clearly a bit older now). Recruitment features largely, starting with a large corporate, from hands on to being fast tracked up the career ladder, enjoying great success and working to tight budgets, managing multiple offices, functions and teams.

Cue the recession and building my family, it was clear that work life balance requirements lent themselves to having my own business. Working closely with SME’s and their leaders to build successful teams and bring in the best talent for their goals and culture. In 2015 more time was spent working with the business leaders helping them to create and achieve the changes within their companies and less time on recruitment.

A natural progression; previous education and a continuation of learning, development and experience, plus the support of my clients meant that my business focus transitioned to using psychology,  a variety of therapy and psychological techniques in order to empower my clients to facilitate change and success within their business and or personal life.

I clearly have a love of work, a love of learning, a love of people, and a love of business.

A Psychology degree from the University of Birmingham, currently finishing an MBA in 2021. My psychology and interest in people and business encouraged an understanding that you cannot separate mental health from work and to support my business clients and employees I undertook further studying to qualify in a range of psychotherapies. I can help individuals and employees with personal issues that ultimately impact their performance at work. Finally, if that’s not enough for you I have completed the NLP Practitioner, NLP coach and NLP master practitioner qualifications to ensure that my clients get the best. I aim to always learn from every opportunity and to develop people that I work with for a better life and performance.

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Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
Jessica Schlupp-TaylorNLP Master Practitioner and Coach
“A strong supportive friendly person who will be honest yet kind to help you along the right path”

My Exceptional summary

My work has given me the ability and experience of working with many people, at various levels and industries from SME’s to Blue Chips. Having access to so many people and business’s has made a significant contribution to my ability to work efficiently and effectively so that my clients maximise their return of time, energy and money.

Leaving University I immediately went into running a business, all be it a pub that I took from a failing to thriving business, then into recruitment where I took failing offices into thriving offices. This isn’t because I am amazing at recruitment or pubs, it is because I know how to build good teams and to get the best from people.

Starting my own business in 2011 to fit with my growing family led me to help SME owners and leaders build their own quality teams and  how to get the best from them. In 2015 I dropped the direct recruitment aspect, instead focusing purely on working directly with leaders and their teams to develop their effectiveness, increase well being and enhance their working and personal life.

Psychology degree, CBT diploma, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, and currently completing an MBA means I have a wide range of psychological tools and a strong understanding of business and the challenges leaders and employees face. My clients are empowered to enjoy more, perform more and succeed more. Providing them with tools that they can use throughout their career, that they can pass on to colleagues to spread and multiply the positive contribution that business psychology and coaching has brought into the company.

Phew, that was a mouthful. Anything else then please just call me and ask, it will be quicker.

My children, the way they are able to make you feel the entire spectrum of emotions in a one minute window. The gym, currently learning to Olympic Weightlift (Thanks to NTPT), exercise and learning is great. Since having children I don’t have the time to commit to a team otherwise I’d be playing rugby, netball and basketball. Any sport and exercise (ok, not snooker but all other sport). Animals but not insects (in the circle of life insects are very useful, just not too close to me).

I love dancing, no official talent other than immense enthusiasm, (I’m a car dancing champion, ok there’s no such competition but if there was I’d win it, look out for me on the m42 traffic jams). Cuddles with my children, seeing them skip down the street when adults walk makes me smile from ear to ear.  Food, especially if someone else cooks it, doesn’t matter what it is or tastes like if someone else cooks it, I’m just a grateful recipient (Vicky and Mops thanks for all the dinners).

Tea and coffee, a good cuppa warms my insides. Spending time with people, I’m a sociable person who loves a good chat with friends, family and meeting new people. I love learning, especially from someone who is passionate about a topic, passion draws you in. Books, learning from them, seeing different perspectives. I love the variety of personalities in people. I love solving problems, including sudoku and logic problems.

I love my bed in the morning when it’s snuggly and warm and perfectly shaped for my body and head, (not that they’re separate, they are together but my head is on the pillow, body on the sheet, obviously). I love being outside in fresh air (mainly when it’s not freezing but I’ve heard there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes so I guess even when it’s freezing I love being outside if I’m wearing the right clothing, haven’t found that yet though). Being outside to appreciate plants, nature, life, and growth. The sunset which reminds me we live on a planet in a universe and not just in a house in a town, helps me to put things into perspective. I love being warm. I love my glasses, they’re only a minor prescription but seeing is so much easier now I have them, the sound of rain on a tent and being safe, feeling safe in someone’s embrace.

Lots more stuff but that gives you an idea.

My children saying they don’t like my cooking before they’ve even tried it, people who park on zigzags at school, people who park in disabled spots or parent and child spaces when they’re not disabled and don’t have children, short days (as in Winter, but I can’t say Winter because I like Christmas, I just don’t like the lack of light in Winter). Wind.

Me being late and me being lost: these are my stress triggers. McDonalds running adverts to say that they’re Chicken McNuggets are 100% chicken breast when only 45% of a chicken McNugget is actually chicken! When I see the petrol light come on the car- it feels like a waste of my life filling up my car with fuel, clearly it’s not, I’d waste a lot more time broken down on the side of the road if I didn’t fill up, but I can’t help disliking the light. Cheese with mould in.

People who don’t pick up after their dogs, or they do and leave the bag, what is that about? Getting out of bed, unless there’s a holiday involved. Companies that add sugar (under various nicknames) into everything! Including yes, ham, bacon, cheese and onion crisps to mention only a few.

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Jessica Schlupp-Taylor